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Kids Corner

Looking for a fun, educational activity for your kids or students? We have you covered. Check out our free games below and come back often as we are continuing to develop new programs. 

Animal Safety

Learn tips to stay safe around animals with this fun quiz game. 

Bike Safety Quiz

Test your bike safety knowledge with this quick quiz. 

ATV Safety

Planing to ride an ATV? Play this safety quiz first. 

Bounce House Safety

Do you use a bounce house or other bouncer? Play this quick quiz to learn important safety tips. 

Bullying Quiz

Do you know how to respond to a bully? Test your knowledge with this fast paced quiz. 


Binge drinking can be very dangerous for all ages. Learn more about these dangers with this quiz. Please note, this quiz is for those ages 13 and older. 

The Choking Game

This dangerous activity that youth sometimes play to get a brief high has been around for a long time. While the name may have changed, the action of purposely choking yourself has stayed the same.

Dating Violence

Thousands of people suffer from violence in their relationships every day. Learn to recognize the signs of dating violence and prevention tips with this quiz. Please note, this quiz is for those ages 15 and older. 


Many activities can lead to a bump on the head. Do you know if that bump needs a doctor to look at it? Take this quiz to find out. 

Distracted Driving

Driving takes a lot of attention. Do you know what are some common distractions for drivers? Take this quiz to test your knowledge. 

Farm Safety

Are you planning to visit a farm? Don't go without playing this fun game first. 

I'm Ready....for a Disaster

Do you know what to do in a fire, flood, tornado or snow storm? Test your knowledge with this fun quiz. 

Lightning Safety Quiz

Be as fast as a lightning bolt and test your lightning safety facts with this

fun quiz. 

Swimming Safety

Splashing in the pool is great summer time fun. Play this game to learn important safety tips.

Winter Fun

Before strapping on the skies or jumping on the sled this winter, test your winter safety skills with this quiz. 

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