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Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS) Training

The American Trauma Society, PA Division (ATSPA) offered the highly acclaimed Advanced Burn Life Support NOW Course to our members starting in July 2023. This invaluable 5-hour online educational opportunity was met with enthusiasm, as 21 dedicated ATSPA members secured their ABLS NOW "seats."


This online course provides the “how-to” of emergency care for the burn patient through the first 24-hour critical time period. Each lecture concludes with study questions, to assist with assessment preparation. Testing consists of a written exam.


Course Objectives:

* Evaluate a patient with a serious burn

* Define the magnitude and severity of the injury

* Identify and establish priorities of treatment

* Manage the airway and support ventilation

* Initiate and monitor fluid resuscitation

* Apply correct methods of physiological monitoring

* Determine which patients should be transferred to a burn center

* Organize and conduct the inter-hospital transfer of a seriously injured burn patient

* Disaster Management


For more information, visit the Advanced Burn Life Support NOW Course webpage, Click here.

For questions or for further details please contact Kim Nunemaker at or 717-766-1616 Ext: 109.

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