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About Us

The American Trauma Society, Pennsylvania Division (ATSPA) is a non-profit trauma prevention education organization eager to accept new challenges and looks for opportunities to carry out its mission. Trauma prevention and mitigation through education and advocacy. 


The broken red tulip symbolizes the pain, suffering and lifestyle change caused by traumatic injury. It not only symbolizes the person/people directly devastated by trauma, but also their families, friends and others that care about them. 


The goal of the ATSPA is to keep that tulip strong, straight and unaffected by trauma.

Our Mission

Injury prevention and mitigation through education, intervention, and advocacy.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of evidence-based trauma prevention , education and resources.

Our Values

Integrity: We are authentic and transparent in everything that we do.

Commitment: We are passionate and dedicated to our mission and the people we serve.

Innovation: We are continually looking to improve our programs and services to remain at the forefront of trauma prevention.

Strategic Thinking: We are deliberate and focused in our approach.

Collaboration: We realize it is not possible for us to achieve our mission without our community and government partners.

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