Fall Prevention Initiative

Be Strong. Be Balanced. Be Safe.

The American Trauma Society, Pennsylvania Division is happy to announce that we have fall prevention bags available for request. Please be sure your hospital is an ATSPA member, and you have the previous year's fall statistics showing your hospital staff treated older individuals who sustained a fall. If you have this information, please complete the pre-survey to be eligible to receive your fall prevention bags.

The pre-survey will include the following questions and criteria. Please gather the requested information prior to beginning the pre-survey.

  1. What is the average age range of falls patients admitted to your hospital?

  2. Where do most falls occur? (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, garage, stairs, basement, directly outside of the home, at another location other than the home, or N/A-hospital does not collect such data.)

  3. How many patients 65+ were seen in the Emergency Department or admitted to your hospital after sustaining a fall in 2020?

  4. How many patients are male/female?

  5. How many of the patients 65+ revisited either the Emergency Department or hospital due to repeat occurrence in 2020?

During the distribution of the bags, you will be asked to keep a running record on a spreadsheet provided by ATSPA. Upon complete distribution of the bags, we ask that you return the completed spreadsheet for ATSPA records.


When requesting fall prevention bags, ATSPA staff will ask you to commit to the following:


I understand the fall prevention bags are to be distributed to older individuals who had sustained a recent fall and are leaving the Emergency Department or being discharged from the hospital. I understand that a hospital staff member must review bag contents and falls prevention messaging with the receiving individual.

Orders are being packed and shipped, but due to COVID-19, it may take up to 3 weeks for arrival. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.