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Mini Grant Program

Each year, ATSPA awards mini grant funding to a number of its member hospitals for new projects in trauma prevention education. Examples of applications received previously include falls prevention, motor vehicle safety, burn prevention, drowning prevention, home safety and youth sports safety. ATSPA recommends that hospitals utilize their injury data and community needs to help determine what they should apply for.


Member institutions interested in applying for a 2023-2024 mini grant should follow the instructions below. Any questions regarding the application process can be sent to Kim Nunemaker at  or by calling  the office at 717-766-1616 ext.109. Applications were accepted through online submission until August 23, 2023. Only one entry per member institution was accepted.


All applicants will be notified of their application status by October 2, 2023.

Currently Closed

Please review and follow the helpful tips while applying for a mini grant opportunity.

Please review the application guidelines document for information regarding the mini grant program.

To prepare for your mini grant application, please review the application outline. ATSPA recommends preparing your application prior to starting the online application because you cannot save your online submission to alter later.

Please use this document to prepare your estimated budget plan for your mini grant application. Budget sheets are required to be uploaded during the online application process.

If awarded grant funds, please use this document to prepare for your final report due on June 1, 2024.

Applications for Mini Grants are now closed. Award winners will be notified via email by October 2, 2023.

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