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Over the course of four decades, ATSPA has built and updated an evidence-based education and outreach program. As part of this comprehensive program, ATSPA offers PowerPoint and in-person presentations to member institutions and community members.


Each presentation is packaged to be delivered by anyone and is offered 100% FREE OF CHARGE. They include PowerPoints and notes on a wide variety of topics. Below is a list and PDF of each available presentation.

To request a presentation please use this link to complete a request form and a staff member will reach out with your desired presentation. If we do not offer the topic you are looking for, please contact Kim Nunemaker, at, to discuss a custom presentation. 

*Click on the photos to see a preview of each presentation.

ATV PP cover.png

Our ATV Safety presentation is meticulously designed to address the critical aspects of ATV safety, covering the Who, What, Where, When, and Why. With 25 detailed slides, including 1 video, this comprehensive presentation serves as a valuable resource to promote ATV safety while riding for agricultural or recreational purposes.  It adheres to Pennsylvania ATV Laws

Bike Safety First Slide.png

This interactive, educational slideshow is designed to aid you in bicycle safety education for children ages 4-12. The presentation consists of 17 slides covering helmet fit, bike safety checklist, hand signals, and rules of the road. The graphics and videos will teach children the bicycle safety rules and guidelines of Pennsylvania.

CPS Basics Part 1 Opening Slide.png

Child Passenger Safety Basics – Learn about car crashes and how car seats protect children.  This presentation was created for an adult​ audience.

CPS Basics Part 2 Opening Slide.png

Child Passenger Safety Basics Part 2 – Learn how to select the right seat, why it’s important to secure a good fit, and tips for installing your car seat in a vehicle.  This presentation was created for an adult​ audience.

Concussion opening Slide.png

This concussion slideshow consists of 16 slides and was created to educate children and adults. This comprehensive presentation will give students and athletes a better understanding of what is involved with a concussion. They will learn about the brain, the definition of a concussion, symptoms of a concussion, and treatment. The video in this presentation will discuss concussions during sports activities.

Firearm PP cover.png

This presentation shares the essential principles of responsible firearm storage with our comprehensive 29-slide presentation, featuring informative content and four engaging videos. This educational resource is designed to enlighten audiences on the proper methods of storing firearms and emphasizes the critical necessity of safe storage practices. This presentation serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to educate on responsible firearm storage, ensuring a safer and more secure community for everyone.

Falls Opening Slide.png

This slideshow was created to educate mature/senior adults on the importance of home safety, creating a safer home, and preventing a fall. This presentation contains of 16 slides on the do’s and don’ts on how to avoid a fall in the home.

Ped Safety Adult opening slide.png

ATSPA offers a more comprehensive pedestrian slideshow for adults. This covers the same rules on pedestrian safety as the youth presentation, but is geared towards adults.

Ped Safety Youth opening slide.png

The pedestrian safety slide show was created to be a learning tool to educate children ages 4-15 on how to be a safe pedestrian. This educational tool contains 19 slides, bright graphics, and two pedestrian safety videos. Feel free to use this educational slideshow to inform both children and families on the safest way to walk in and around vehicles. 

Playground Safety opening Slide.png

This 20-slide playground safety presentation was designed to teach young children ages 3-12 the basic playground rules. 

1. Make sure an adult is present.

2. Never play on broken equipment.

3. Always wear appropriate clothing for a playground.

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